We’re “Axing” For Your Feedback!

We’re “Axing” For Your Feedback!

Posted by JTB Home Furniture + Decor Staff on January 5 2022

The JTB Home Team and their spouses recently spent some time away from the store to celebrate a very successful 2021! Not only did we have a blast throwing axes at MN Axe but also learned about the competitive nature of our coworkers. We’d love to introduce the team!

We all know that Store Owner, Tracey has a special talent for creating and re-creating a beautiful store each month, but who knew that she could moonlight as an axe-thrower?  Tracey is the creative force behind JTB Home Furniture + Décor.  She is an expert at curating and staging all of the amazing merchandise in the store...every month...by herself!

Her business partner and husband, Mark is our leader when it comes to business knowledge.  He is constantly looking for improvements and growth to make JTB Home efficient so that we can be a shopping destination for all in Buffalo.  Mark usually has his signature cup of coffee in hand during the Occasional Sales and is also our in-store gopher - he makes trips to the warehouse for furniture restocks, carries heavy purchases to vehicles, and often runs to get our coffee and lunch. 

Tracey and Mark battled it out for 2nd place while axe-throwing. You’ll have to stop into the store to find out who won!

And then there’s Debbie, self-proclaimed weakling…she definitely won’t quit her day job at JTB Home to take up axe-throwing. Who knew one handed axe-throwing was so difficult?  We call Debbie our manager as she has a passion for rules, structure, and organization.  Debbie is also our Textiles Buyer and you will see her working most days of the Occasional Sale along with Mark and Tracey. Note to self: don’t ask Debbie to help carry the heavy purchases out to your car!