Inspiration to Make Your House a Home

Jute Twine and Burlap was established in 2013 in downtown Buffalo, MN by Mark & Tracey Tucker. Originally offering repurposed furniture, estate sale finds, and one of a kind items brought together in a boutique setting. We quickly became known for our handcrafted farmhouse tables. Tracey’s passion for decorating and crafting as well as Mark’s love of woodworking now had an outlet to share with others. Over the years JTB has evolved; while still known for our tables, we now offer quality reclaimed wood tables, buffets, bookshelves, accent tables and other furniture as well as trendy décor items to provide that special touch to your home.

In 2020 we formally renamed our business to JTB Home Furniture + Decor in order to reflect the evolution over the past several years. The store is our Occasional shop open ONLY 4 days a month on a regular basis. Open the FIRST Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday of EVERY month. See our store hours for other dates we are open to the public.  Shopping appointments are also a option for outside the store published open hours.  Come and get inspired by our value price collection of new reclaimed wood furniture, and home décor items as well as direction and inspiration to make your house a home.

In March of 2022 we purchased the historic Oakley Bank building located at 15 Division St. E in Buffalo and formally moved location in October of 2022.

We love helping our customers put together looks that fit their homes perfectly, because after all your home should be a place to exhale the weight of the day and offer you a warm hug when you walk in. If it doesn’t, you need to come and visit us in Buffalo!

2024 Market Dates & Hours

In addition to the hours listed below, we meet by appointment throughout the month.
Please call 1-833-234-4100 to set up your private event.
January Occasional Sale
Thursday 4th -Saturday 6th (9am-5pm)
Sunday 7th (11am-3pm)
February Occasional Sale
Thursday 1st - Saturday 3rd (9am-5pm)
Sunday 4th (11am-3pm)
Kites on Ice Festival (February)
Saturday 10th (10am-4pm)
March Occasional Sale
Thursday 7th - Saturday 9th (9am-5pm)
Sunday 10th (11am-3pm)
April Occasional Sale
Thursday 4th - Saturday 6th (9am-5pm)
Sunday 7th (11am-3pm)
Spring (April) Ladies Day Out
Saturday 20th (10am-4pm)
May Occasional Sale
Thursday 2nd - Saturday 4th (9am-5pm)
Sunday 6th (11am-3pm)
June Occasional Sale
Thursday 6th - Saturday 8th (9am-5pm)
Sunday 9th (11am-3pm)
July Occasional Sale
Thursday 4th (9am-3pm)
Friday 5th - Saturday 6th (9am-5pm)
Sunday 7th (11am-3pm)
August Occasional Sale
Thursday 1st - Saturday 3rd (9am-5pm)
Sunday 4th (11am-3pm)
Arts & Craft Festival (August)
Saturday 17th (9am-4pm)
September Occasional Sale
Thursday 5th - Saturday 7th (9am-5pm)
Sunday 8th (11am-3pm)
Buffalo Strong Street Party of Hope (September)
Thursday 12th (3pm-8pm)
October Occasional Sale
Thursday 3rd - Saturday 5th (9am-5pm)
Sunday 6th (11am-3pm)
Fall (October) Ladies Day Out
Saturday 26th (10am-4pm)
November Occasional Sale
Thursday 7th - Saturday 9th (9am-5pm)
Sunday 10th (11am-3pm)
November Expanded Holiday Shopping Hours
Friday 1st (10am-4pm)
Saturday 2nd (10am-4pm)
Saturday 16th (10am-4pm)
Hometown Holidays  22nd (3pm-7pm)
Saturday 23rd (10am-4pm)
Black Friday 29th (10am-4pm)
Small Business Saturday 30th (10am-4pm)
December Occasional Sale
Thursday 5th - Saturday 7th (9am-5pm)
Sunday 8th (11am-3pm)
December Expanded Holiday Shopping Hours
Saturday 14th (10am-4pm)