JTB Home Quick Tip:  Hanging Wall Art Confidently

JTB Home Quick Tip: Hanging Wall Art Confidently

Posted by JTB Home Furniture + Decor Staff on June 1 2022

Imagine the scenario: You’ve just redecorated a dream room in your house…the walls have been professionally painted, you’ve found perfect furniture, and meticulously matched all the accessories. Now it’s time to add the finishing touch and hang your artwork. But – you’re procrastinating due to the image in your mind of thousands of tiny holes in your unblemished walls, and paralyzed with fear at the thought of engaging your screw gun!! Before you break down and hire a handyman, read on!

Hanging artwork with a centered hanger can be straightforward but two hangers on either side can raise apprehensions of crooked artwork, lots of measuring, and mental math – ugh! This method is so easy and works extremely well.

1. Grab a role of painter’s tape. Rip off a piece long enough to stick to both hangers on the back of your art. This mirror happens to have keyhole hangers, but this method would also work with sawtooth hangers.

2.  Mark your keyholes or punch a hole in the top where your screw will rest.

3.  Decide where you want the top of your mirror/artwork start. There may be a little mental math involved here depending on where your hooks are. If you’re not sure how high/low to place your artwork, a good rule of thumb is to have the center of the artwork fall 57”- 60” from the floor, which is usually eye level

4.  Gently peel your painter’s tape from the back of your mirror/artwork and adhere it to the wall where your screws will be placed. Make sure your tape is straight!

5.  Put your screws in at the top of the keyhole. **special note – if you are hanging a heavy object and not screwing into wood, you may need to insert anchors**

6.  Voila! Rip off the painter’s tape and hang your beautiful new mirror.

So, the next time you stop into JTB Home Furniture + Décor, don’t let that fabulous mirror or the piece of artwork that makes your heart pitter-patter go because you think it might be hard to hang. Follow our advice, step back, admire your work, and give yourself a pat on the back. Well done!

Tune in next month and the JTB Home Team will give you our tips for hanging shaped artwork!