JTB Product Spotlight:  Making Sense of the Scents

JTB Product Spotlight: Making Sense of the Scents

Posted by JTB Home Furniture + Decor Staff on August 31 2022

By far, the number one question we receive when shoppers walk through our door is “it smells amazing in here – what is the candle you are burning?” For those who visit often, you know how much we pride ourselves in picking out our candle scents. We’ll let you in on a secret: up until now, we always burned Bath & Body Works 3-wick candles. We’ve tested many different candle lines over the years but failed to find one that passed our stringent sniff test.

We are happy to report that is no longer the case and you too can have an amazing aroma in your house! Welcome our new candle line: Swan Creek Candle Company.

Our featured scent for our September Sale (9/1-9/4) is Pumpkin Vanilla.  It's the epitome of Fall and we love it!  We will also have Honey Soaked Apples which is equally as lovely.  Check out the beautiful jars and the stunning color of the candle! Once your candle is finished burning, the jars can be cleaned out and used as drinking glasses or containers so you will want to collect more than one.

Our initial featured scent in August was Citrus & Sage and we sold out in one weekend.  We promise to reorder so check back if you are interested in this amazing scent.

We will introduce more of our favorite smells and candle containers that we will be carrying later this fall but until then, here’s what you need to know about these amazing candles:

  • Clean burning This candle line innovatively uses American Soybean Wax. This wax is more environmentally friendly and natural over other petroleum-based paraffin.
  • Lead-Free The wicks on the candles are pure cotton. No lead is used. This decreases the flare-ups and the amount of soot produced.
  • Intensely fragrant This is what sold us on this line!
  • Safety When the wax has been liquified, the wick will self-extinguish to ensure safety.

If you need some odoriferousness in your life, stop in this weekend to take a whiff!