Moving Update

Moving Update

Posted by JTB Home Furniture + Decor Staff on September 22 2022

Many of you may already have heard the exciting news that we will be in a bigger and better building for the October Occasional Sale! If not, read this post before proceeding.

As promised, here is our mid-month update.

Outside 15 Division Street:

A beautiful black awning was installed over the back windows. Also, our new signage arrived, and we are in love!     

The parking lot was resurfaced into the back door and Division Street will be brand new by the front door!

Inside 15 Division Street: Store owner Tracey Tucker and her sidekick Mark have been working day and night to make their new building their own. Those who loved the former space will recognize our signature style…dark ceilings, raw wood walls combined with the white faux brick walls.


To top it all off, new flooring has been installed. Fun fact: The building was originally a bank. Tracey and Mark have made it a priority to preserve history so you will still see the great terrazzo floors and beautiful original bank vaults. (Yes, we may eventually open the vaults for seasonal shopping!)


Moving into 15 Division Street:

Once the floor was finished, we were super excited to start moving merchandise. Many of you questioned how we were going to move everything over. Luckily, we only had to traipse across the newly resurfaced parking lot.

Not everything made the journey in this fashion - many big items were loaded onto the delivery trailer, but we did have lots of laughs rolling our carts that day!

Sneak Peek:

Now the fun begins - staging a new space for the first time.  We love it already!

You are not going to want to miss the Buffalo October Occasional Sales and the debut of the new and improved JTB Home Furniture + Decor!  Mark your calendars and join us Thursday October 6 - Sunday October 9th!