What is an Occasional Sale?

What is an Occasional Sale?

Posted by JTB Home Furniture + Decor on March 23 2022

Unless you’re a seasoned shopper in downtown Buffalo, this may be a question you have. We at JTB Home Furniture + Décor have become familiar with answering this question, when asked what we do for a living by those who are unfamiliar with the concept.

Occasional Sale stores are not open to the public for purchasing everyday like traditional shopping stores are. They are, as the definition states, open on special occasions. This concept dates back over 20 years in Buffalo and our city would like to think that we were ahead of this retail shopping trend!

At JTB Home Furniture + Décor, much like many stores in Buffalo, we are open the first Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of every month. Recently, we added “by appointment” shopping hours outside of our sale days for those who want more one-on-one attention.

So, what do we do the other 26+ days a month when the store is not open? We work on it, of course! Our items are specifically curated to suit modern decorating tastes. Some items are designed and made for us. The store is completely taken down and put back together again each month. New items are always being added and changed according to the season. These tasks take time and because we are focused completely on them, we are able to bring new and unique items for purchase each and every month!