JTB Home Quick Tip part 2:  Hanging Shaped Wall Art Confidently

JTB Home Quick Tip part 2: Hanging Shaped Wall Art Confidently

Posted by JTB Home Decor Staff on July 7 2022

Last month we shared a tip on how to hang wall art. If you missed it, you can find it here. One piece of rectangular art can be straightforward but shaped wall art – especially multiple pieces - can seem daunting! During our Occasional Sales we constantly hear people say that they are not able to visualize…that they need to see items in place to know whether it looks aesthetically appealing. If you find yourself in that same boat, read on!

In this example, we are going to show you an easy way to visualize how 3 different sized round shelves will look before you permanently hang them on your walls. So, grab your craft paper and follow us!

1. This shelf has 3 keyhole hangers. We are going to start by placing a pencil mark in the top hanger where the screw will go.

2.Carefully flip the shelf on its front so that the circle will be easier to trace and pencil in the outline of the outer edge of the circle.

3.  Cut out your circles. Optional: mark the location of the shelf and the two side keyhole hangers.

4.  Repeat the above steps for all sizes to be hung. Now, this is the fun part. Attach double-stick tape to the back of your paper cut-outs and start to play around with your desired arrangement. Once you get a look that is aesthetically pleasing to your eye, Press down on your double-stick tape to make sure it is adhered to the wall.

5.  Screw your screw through the paper where you marked your top hanger. **Be sure to account for the weight of your item and the weight of the items that you may place on your shelf. An anchor may be needed if you have not drilled into a wood stud**

6.  Remove your paper template and hang your shelf. Place a level on your shelf to be sure that everything is straight. If you do not have a level, then you may need to mark the two side hangers as we did in step number 1 and 3 and measure both from either the ceiling or the floor to ensure the shelf is straight. Screw your screws into the side hangers.

7.  Step back and admire your work!

8.  Stop in at JTB Home Furniture + Décor July 7th - 10th to find some new goodies to fill your shelves!